At BlackBox Studios, we feel that the integrity of the arts has been steadily eroded. Whether it's a lack of focus on social issues which matter to people, a failure to represent equality, opportunity and inclusivity or simply a culture of impenetrable cliquishness, we feel the arts no longer stands for what it should. Which is why we made BlackBox! 

Our aim is to discover, nurture and connect the most promising young creatives from across the spectrum of artistic fields and provide them with the support they need to become the next generation of industry leaders.

  • The arts should stand as a leading example of innovation and empathy. As such, we will only take on projects which adhere to these principles. In accordance with this philosophy, all internally produced projects are examples of new writing. Additionally, we feel that the arts should be a field accessible to all and, as such, we deeply feel that our projects should be as diverse and inclusive as possible.

  • As a non-profit organisation, all money made from our projects is reinvested into the creation of further projects. That being said, we think art should be for the benefit of all and, therefore, we pledge 10% of any profits made to charity organisations relevant to the project used to raise the donated funds.



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